10 Lessons to Discover During Pilgrimage Towards Allah with Best Hajj Tour Operators UK

A divine path to Allah is a journey which lean towards the end to change everything in your life. Regardless, your character and what you are encountering, when you arrange journey of Hajj by choosing Hajj packages it completely changes your life. Muslims from all around the globe wear ihram i.e., pilgrimage clothing while moving towards the path to meet allah.

10 Lessons to Discover During Pilgrimage Towards Allah with Best Hajj Tour Operators UK

When you stay with others and pay little heed to their cast and react to a similar Allah, comply with his requests, then this is the point where greater part of your arrogance will fade away. Makkah and Madina are the two holiest urban areas and going by them for Allah is another gift for everybody.

You should feel lucky if you have been chosen for Hajj this year. It is basically a journey of celebration, a celebration of love and peace. While you are in midst of your daily life problems then you will definitely feel a peace of mind throughout your spiritual hajj journey. This journey lets you forget your fears, your doubts and helps you find out the way for everything.

Will I complete all rituals with satisfaction? Would my Hajj be acknowledged? The more I considered it, the more I started to reflect towards finding the reason behind playing out the customs of Hajj. Most likely there was a reason behind these activities. What day by day lessons would he say was he attempting to impart in us through the customs of Hajj?

Here are the best lessons one can be inspired in their daily life:

1. Remember our almighty Allah before beginning anything.

2. Directionless: The Kabah is leading to no particular direction. Keeping Kaaba as our centre point of tawaf, it leads in keeping religion as the center point, the focus of our lives.

3. Endeavour in the ocean of humankind, among individuals of various countries, hues, races, dialects, however, keep up your own particular kind of personality.

4. Patiently put up with them – you will triumph in the end. Similarly, as individuals from one end can push you (physically in tawaf), in life, they can rationally push your limits and test your understanding, put limits on your time, knowledge, resources etc.

5. Show care and love to the old and very young by giving the way. Empathise with them. Treat them well.

6. Protect women, young and old.

7. As you hold fast to dua’s and dhikr during tawaf, hold fast to righteousness in your lives, all your lives.

8. As you circumambulate, there are points when you can experience suffocation because of the crowds we can compare this to times of desperation, anxiety, worry and frustration in life but if you keep patiently persisting with prayer as opposed to huffing, puffing and jostling your way forward, you will notice the crowd thinning out or a gap emerging from nowhere in front of you and that gives a release of fresh air, a breather and you feel refreshed, relieved from tensions and worries.

9. Our Allah make no gender discrimination in blessing their kids whether it’s Men/women are equal in front of Allah with an equal responsibility and role in life as a Muslim.

10. Simplicity in dress/appearance and purity of intention, mind-heart and body are obligatory for total integrity in life.

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