Guide for Hajj and Umrah

Any basic leaflet or pamphlet would offer you all the information you need to prepare for Hajj and Umrah. These rules are mandatory for performing Hajj. Use one standard book for your reference to prevent any misunderstandings and chaos. If you have any doubt about anything, always seek the guidance of an Ulemaa. If you [...]

Going About Your Hajj Pilgrimage

Hajj is a very holy pilgrimage made by Islamic people. So one must not let the physical problems of going for Hajj, interfere with the real spiritual reason of the trip. People get so bogged down with the problems of ticket bookings and other things, that they often lose focus on the holy pilgrimage itself. [...]

Ramadan Wishes from M.Zahid Travel

“Allah blots out or confirms what He pleases, and with Him is the Mother of Books.” (13:39) My God, by the Great Manifestation of the Night of the middle of the Noble Month of Sha’ban Ramadan Begins At sundown July 8th 2013, when the world prepares to retire for the night, the Islamic Lunar begins [...]