6 Top Romantic Cities for Couples in Switzerland

6 Top Romantic Cities for Couples in Switzerland

Switzerland is no doubt a very beautiful country. Its snow-capped mountains and scenic views never fail to attract travelers from all over the world, especially honeymooners or couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway. One way to explore Switzerland is by hiring a car and travel from city to city. You and your partner will not only marvel with the magnificent sights, but it is also a great way for you to bond. Therefore, if you do not have your driving license yet, it is time you book driving test in preparation for your romantic holiday. Once you are ready, then it is time to visit these six top romantic cities.


It is hard not to see the Jet d’Eau when you are in Geneva. This fountain that pumps water to a height of 140 meters is located in the Rhone River, where you and your loved one can also enjoy a boat ride and dinner while watching the sunset. If you want some adventure, plan a trek in the nearby mountains or travel on foot around the city to see the many cathedrals, museums, and gardens.


Zurich is an ideal destination for the lovers of the arts. Here you can visit numerous galleries and museums that exhibit creations from the greatest artists, while at the same time giving you a glimpse of the city’s rich history. You will also be enthralled by the magnificent architectures inside and outside the cathedrals. 


Lucerne is just a small city, which just makes it more romantic for couples. It has a great location, giving you a feel of the French, German, and Italian sides of Switzerland. You can start the day with a walking tour at The Chapel Bridge then immerse yourselves at the Lucerne Art Museum. To get a better view of the city, find a vantage point at Mt. Pilatus and end the day in one of the cozy cafes that you will find in the streets of this out-of-a-fairytale-book city.


Basel is a rich city, not just in economy, but also in arts and history. It is the home to a long list of world-class museums and historical buildings that date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. You and your sweetheart will enjoy walking along its cobbled streets to see Gothic churches or to experience a relaxing afternoon by the Rhine River.


Montreux may be a small city, but it gets a lot of visitors each year because of its very popular attraction, the Chateau De Chillon. Daily tours are available here, where you can walk along the long hallways; see the various rooms, and even go down to the dungeons. If you want more of the fresh air, then go to Marmots’ Paradise, where you can trek to see glorious gardens, forests, caves, and a variety of wildlife.


Just like most cities in Switzerland, Berne also is a home to fine museums and historical structure. Its most famous attraction would be the Zytglogge, which is a clock tower that was built in the 13th century. You will enjoy its hourly animation displays and you may also go in a tour inside. 

Take some time off for love and enjoy a romantic vacation in any of these cities. Better yet, plan to have your honeymoon here to make it a very memorable and enriching experience.

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