Book the right Hajj packages but prepare yourself health wise

Call it the ultimate test of physical endurance and strength where there is a lot of walking to do, or not, one should prepare for Hajj mentally and physically, before booking on any of the well known Hajj packages.

The conditions aren’t easy when one embarks on Hajj, the terrain is unknown and the weather is burning hot. If there are pains and aches or bodily feelings that consume you, the Ibaadah would be taken away from you. Remember, Hajj is the test of your patience and sabr, not only your physical and mental abilities.

Know more and learn more

InshAllah you wouldn’t have to worry about physical and mental perils while performing Hajj. Such thoughts of discomfort are for the weak and wouldn’t let you focus on your holy obligation.

Here is a list of practical tips which we would like to share with you, so that Hajj 2014 is a practical and successful one:

Eat plenty of clean food

Throughout the day, you should consume small meals. In between, the body should be given enough rest. And do not eat anything which you know shouldn’t be eaten while the day is on.

Walk to keep fit

It would be wise to walk as much as you can, and as much as the body allows.

Increase body resistance

Before you go on Hajj, your body resistance should be made high, focus on strength training. Your trainer would advise you to focus on lower body exercises which would help strengthen the leg muscles.

Keep yourself hydrated

When preparing for Hajj 2014, ensure that you keep yourself hydrated at all times. However, be sure that there are clean restrooms around to answer natures call too. Morning, day and night is when you should keep yourself totally hydrated.

Wear the right shoes

The best shoes for your Hajj in this day and age would be those that are made for hiking. If you wear one size small, chances are that you would have swollen feet and face difficulty while walking. So if you are a shoe size 8, pick an 8.5 or a 9 to avoid swollen feet discomfort.

Lubricate your thighs

While walking too much, one tends to develop chaff and rash on the inner thighs. Avoid all of this by using baby oil or a dab of Vaseline.

Focus on Ibaadah

The main aim for us to do Hajj at least once in our lifetime is to give ourselves mentally and spiritually to the divine.  The less you worry about such aches and pains of the body, the more you would be able to perform your holy obligation and rituals. When you do come back from Hajj 2014, you should continue with the health care and fitness efforts. Proper eating manners and a total fitness routine should carry on.

Remember, we take up the Hajj journey through Hajj packages to connect with Allah and to ask for forgiveness of our sins. Once the Hajj is performed and done, remember our souls are pure, hearts are stronger and so are our bodies too.

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