Going About Your Hajj Pilgrimage

Hajj is a very holy pilgrimage made by Islamic people. So one must not let the physical problems of going for Hajj, interfere with the real spiritual reason of the trip. People get so bogged down with the problems of ticket bookings and other things, that they often lose focus on the holy pilgrimage itself. Here we will discuss how to make this journey hassle free for pilgrims.

Tips for a smooth sailing pilgrimage are given below:

  • Choose a reputed agency- It is always important to choose an agency that is registered properly with the Hajj ministry. These agencies know more about the latest visa procedures and what are the formalities that need to be done. These registered agencies have a lot of hold even in Saudi Arabia and so they can book your hotels and bus services too.  These services are given to authorized agencies alone by the government of Saudi Arabia. So your private local travel agents have to buy these services. Thus they will fall more expensive, as they will pass on the additional costs to the customers.
  • You can also choose Private Agents too- Many a time private agents give you some great hajj packages. These packages are more competitive and professional. So in many ways they actually would see that your accommodation is good and your stay is problem free. If you are choosing a private agent then always go to one that is known.
  • Choose a package that offers SIM cards- Yes, in a foreign country a local SIM card for your phone can be very essential. This may look like a small issue, but in the crowds a phone is your most essential commodity to stay in touch with the others.
  • Choose an agency that has the Imam with them- If the Imam is with your group it actually helps a great deal. Many tours have the Imam staying in another hotel or another venue. This can become difficult when you want to coordinate the trips.
  • Hotel close to the venue- It is very important to have a hotel close to the Haram or Masjid. This could save a lot of time and problems of travelling huge distances. So even if you get a simple hotel near the venue it is better than getting a high end hotel far away.
  • Choose a package that offers meals- It is important to choose hajj packages which offer meals. As on reaching Makkah and Medina you will have time to eat between prayers at the stalls nearby, but they will be very crowded. You may have to spend too much time standing in the long lines.

These are few guidelines, to go about the Hajj pilgrimage and would make your travel plans easier.

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