Guidelines for Makkah Visitors Who Perform Hajj & Umrah

Perform hajj or umrah or simply making a place through Makkah is holy, religious and histrocial place for Muslim.

Here is a list of the place around the holy city of Makkah.

1. The holy place for many visitors the grand mosque al-Masjid-al-Haram is located in the soul of city Makkah.

2. The Ka’aba in Arabic is known as the Cube is an hostrical stone structure that was built and re-structured by prophets as a homeland of monotheistic worship.

3. Many Muslim pilgrims visit the hills in memory of the plight of Hajar , wife of the Prophet Abraham.

4. Zamzam is the name of a holy well in Mecca which provides pure water to the thousands of muslim pilgrims who visit every year. Prophet Abraham, the well located at few meters distance in east of the Ka,aba.

5. Sign marks indicate the location of Mina, which is near to Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

6. Sign marks indicate the location of Muzdalifah, which is near to Makkah in Saudi Arabia

7. Hillside of Mount Arafat and is situated at outside of Makkah. Hajj pilgrimages rituals, well known as the Day of Arafat.

Perform Hajj Umrah in Makkah

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