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Makkah Tips

Where should you do Tawaaf?

It is best to do Tawaaf in the Mataaf on the ground floor. Even though it might seem crowded, when you get into the crowd it is not that bad. It will take you more than double to time and distance to do Tawaaf on the any floor other than the ground floor. A new second level in the Mataaf is also nearing completion and might be helpful in easing the crowd.

When should you do Tawaaf to avoid the crowd?

The least crowd is normally a couple hours after sunrise and couple hours after Isha. Mostly people stay from Fajr to sunrise in the Masjid and then go to their rooms. They return for Zuhr and then go for food. Then they stay from Asr or Maghrib to Isha and return at about midnight. Remember if you are doing Tawaaf in the Mataaf or on the roof, you will be under open skies. Use sunblock and time your Tawaaf to avoid the sun and heat.

When and Where to do Saee?

The new expansion has made Saee easier. The crowd in the Saee follows the pattern of the crowd in Tawaaf. You can do Saee in five different levels. All levels are air-conditioned except the levels on top of the roof.

What are the landmarks inside Masjid Haraam?

Makkah Layout

Madina Tips

What is the best time for Men visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

The best time to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a couple of hours after sunrise and a couple of hours after Isha. Mostly people stay from Fajr to sunrise in the Masjid and then go back to their accommodation. They return for Zuhr and then go for food. Then they stay from Asr or Maghrib to Isha.

What is the best route for Men to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

Best route is to enter from Bab-Salam (Gate 1) and exit from from Bab-Baqee (Gate 41).

Makkah Layout

Where are the sections for Ladies Prayer in the Masjid?

Please refer to map below for the Ladies Prayer locations.

Makkah Layout

What are the timings for women the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

There are two to three times a day where visiting the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Riadh-ul-Jannah is open for women:


  • From sunrise until 9:30 AM
  • From 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (This time is sometimes open and sometimes not depending on the crowd)
  • From 9:30 PM to 12:00 Midnight

Note: These are approximate times and can be changed whenever the governments want. They normally stop women from entering about half an hour before closing time.

What is the route for Women to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

Please see the map below. The dark red line indicates the entrance for women to go to the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The light blue is the path for both going and coming back. The path is partitioned off from the sides.

Makkah Layout

What are some of the important landmarks inside Masjid Nabawi?

Makkah Layout


Food poisoning

During the Umrah and Hajj, season many people flock to Makkah and Madina. This increases the demand in food facilities around the Holy places. Unfortunately, the limited time available for food preparation, accompanied by the increased quantity of prepared, food may contribute to the loss of control over microbiological hazards, leading to food poisoning cases in restaurants that do not follow public health rules.
To avoid food poisoning, one should avoid eating at a restaurant unless they are sure of its compliance with public health and hygiene food standards and of the hygiene and health of its food handlers. Make sure that meat products are cooked thoroughly; vegetables and fruits are washed and cleaned from soil, and ready-to-eat foods are stored in refrigerators properly and not exposed to high temperatures over long periods of time or to pests.

Coping with the Heat and Temperatures

As Makkah and Madina are in the desert, both the cities are extremely hot. The heat in Makkah is generally more than in Madina and is felt more as Masjid Haraam is open. Avoid planning on doing Tawaaf around noontime. Be sure to stay hydrated and carry water with you, consult your doctor before going for Umrah or Hajj about using salt tablets if you perspire profusely. At night it sometimes becomes cold especially in Muzdalifa. Make arrangements for such anomalies.

Colds, Coughs and the Flu

It is very common to catch a cold, cough, or the flu as people from all over the world are present and there is very close interaction between people. Avoid staying close to people who are coughing. Many people use a surgical facemasks to avoid getting sick. Keep the medicine you normally use for coughs and colds with you, as the exact same medicine might not be available.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

There are numerous hospitals and pharmacies around the Masjid Haraam and Masjid Nabawi. There are clinics within the Masjids also. Medical expense is generally cheap and sometimes even free. Pharmacies are available everywhere and carry most types of medicine. Prescriptions are not necessary to buy medical drugs.


General Safety

You should be cautious about their safety. You should avoid travelling alone. Women should not travel alone in taxis. The Masjid area is generally safe as there are many people.

Shoes and Slipper

A lot of shoes and slippers get misplaced or stolen in Makkah and Madina. The problem is worse in Makkah as there are limited shoe racks. Normally, at the entrance of the Masjid, a plastic bag is given and you can store your shoes and slippers in them and keep them with you. Having you own pouch to carry your shoes and slippers might be better. If you must leave your shoes at a shoe rack, split the pair up and place each shoe at a different location. In Madina there are a lot shoe racks inside the masjid, which are generally safe. Remember the number of the shoe rack where you kept your shoe and make sure that the area you kept your shoes are not enclosed when the partitions are set for women to go visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Theft and Pickpockets

Theft and pick pocketing is very common. Dedicated gangs come to do this dirty work. Leave all important documents at your room and only keep the money you require for that day. People snatch purses when you are in Sujood. They pick your pocket when you are doing Tawaaf. Be careful about sudden jolts and insure that it is not easy for someone else to slide their hand in your pocket or cut it off.

Money and Currency Exchange

You should bring a sufficient amount of funds with you for Hajj or Umrah. Traveler Checks are the safest form. Money Exchanges are readily available for when you need to convert your money. Do not convert all your money, but do so as per the need. Do not carry large sums of money with you to avoid the risk of losing it all to theft.

Mobile/Cell Phone & Internet

What are the dialing codes for Saudi Arabia?

The country code for Saudi Arabia is 966.
The city code for Jeddah and Makkah is 021.
The city code for Madinah is 041.
All cell/mobile phone numbers start with 05 and are 10 digits long including the leading 0.
If you dial a cell phone from within Saudi Arabia you just need to dial the the whole number including the leading 0.
However, if you are dialing from outside Saudi Arabia you will need to dial 00966 5xxxxxxxxx or 011966 5xxxxxxxx, without the leading 0 of the cell number.

What cell/mobile phone carriers and operators are available?

There are three cell phone carries in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Mobily, and Zain. Many international operators have agreements for roaming with these carriers.

All there have very competitive rates and provide nearly the same service. All carries bill by the second and you are billed for all outgoing calls, SMS, and MMS. Incoming calls and SMS are free.

Can I use my cell/mobile phone?

All unlocked GSM cell phone work in Saudi Arabia. You just need to insert a SIM card and you are good to go.

How can I get a SIM card?

All three cell phone companies provide pre-paid SIM cards to pilgrims doing Hajj and Umrah. These SIM are valid from a couple of months and then become useless. You can buy a SIM for about Saudi Riyal 20 and available everywhere including the airport. The SIMs have same amount of money in them as the price you paid for the SIM. Recharges for the SIM are available in nearly every store

How do I get Internet Access?

All cell phone companies have 4G access. If your phone supports 3G or 4G, you can use internet on your phone. Some hotels provide Wi-Fi access, but might charge you for it. All major hotels have an internet cafe. Mina has full Wi-Fi coverage during Hajj time.

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