If you are a pilgrim to Mecca what you need to know?

The Hajj pilgrimage is known as the major pilgrimage, while the Umrah is known as the minor pilgrimage. Any physically fit Muslim must undertake this pilgrimage if s / he can afford it.  This pilgrimage is very important in the life of any Muslim. These 40 days are the most important days of any Islamic person’s life. People want to spend their entire time in prayer and worship, so they do not want to be hassled with small problems like transport and other things. Here are some ways in which you can make your stay comfortable so that you can devote the entire time to prayer.

Book your tickets early:

If you have decided upon undertaking the pilgrimage this year, then do not wait too long, as pilgrims from around the world will flock to Saudi Arabia. So you should book the tickets fast to avoid last moment problems. The hotels too get filled really fast, so if you do not book early you may not find a hotel or place to stay in.

Choose a good agency:

Most people find it impossible to organize the Hajj and Umrah tours all by themselves. You need an agency to do the above for you. These agencies have been organizing these trips since long and thus know exactly how to make the traveller’s pilgrimage problem free and fulfilling. Choose an agency known by people as they are likely to have enough experience with regards to this type of pilgrimage. A good agency will ensure that your trip will be hassle free right from the time you leave for your destination to the time you return.

Get a package that suits your purse:

This is a holy pilgrimage and you can fulfil your religious duties without spending too much money. The Hajj and Umrah tours come in budget and prestige packages. So if you are willing to spend more money you can choose the prestige package, which will ensure you get more luxurious staying facilities and more food choice. However if you are economical the budget package will be just as good as all your basic requirements will be met.

Visa formalities:

This is one of the biggest formalities you need to fulfil before going on this international pilgrimage. Make sure you clear all the formalities or else you might have problems getting a visa. This is the most important criteria to undertake this pilgrimage. Also if you do not have a passport make sure you get one before you start making plans for this pilgrimage. For those who have not renewed their old passports make sure you do this too.

The points above are simple guidelines to make your planning simple and organized.

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