Seek Refuge in Allah!!

Hajj is an extremely important aspect of Islam, and is considered to be one of its five pillars.  It is believed that Mecca (where Hajj is performed) is the largest gathering of Muslim people in the world.  It happens every year, and it is suggested that every able-bodied Muslim should perform it if s/he can afford it.

There are certain preparations that one has to do to be able to complete the pilgrimage successfully.  Moreover, there are specific guidelines for the dressing too.  The males are expected to dress only in the Ihram.  On the other hand, women are expected to be in a modest outfit while maintaining their Hijab.

Another significant aspect that one should know is the rituals.  One should be careful about it, and perform the same most dexterously.  The imperativeness of Hajj to a Muslim can be estimated from the substantial rise in the number of pilgrims.  A statistic suggests that the number of foreign pilgrims has risen by an overwhelming 2,824 percent.  This change has occurred between 1920 and 2012.

Over and above that, one should have knowledge about the various steps of Hajj, and do all those preparations which will help one in performing Hajj successfully.

Basic Hajj Informations

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