Can one Successfully complete Umrah in 7 days?

complete Umrah in 7 days

Umrah is a sacred obligation every Muslim performs in their life. This can be performed multiple times and can be done anytime during the year. Unlike Hajj it is not mandatory to perform Umrah, but Hajj is an obligation that every Muslim has to perform at least once in his entire life. Umrah is quite similar to Hajj when performing some rites, though one might find a few differences.

Hajj can be performed only at a specific time in the year, but for Umrah there is no specification. Muslims from across the globe travel to the Holy Cities of Makkah & Madinah. But there are definitely few things one needs to consider before you plan it. Also. pilgrims have a question that can they successfully complete Umrah in 1 week or are there 1 week Umrah packages available. Well, yes it is possible to complete Umrah in 1 week. Well, it is more than enough to perform Umrah. The procedure is not very long.

Is one week enough to perform Umrah?

It will take only 1 hour for you to reach Makkah from Jeddah Airport. You can rest for a few hours and then go to perform Tawaf around Kaaba which will not take you more than an hour. After that you can perform Saee where you walk and run between Safa & Marwah, it will not take you more than 1 hour 30 minutes to complete it. Then you can add some hours where you spend there to pray and feel the peacefulness there.

You can stay at Makkah & Madina for a week and pray. Just remember that it is vital for you to pray in peace. Do not hurry as you are asking Allah for forgiveness. It will be a great time for you spend there and gather the purity and serenity. Umrah will not take more than a day, other days you can see others praying and witness the beauty of Makkah. Including your 2 days of travel you can complete Umrah in 7 days.

You can spend 3 days in Makkah and 2 days in Madinah to make this trip fruitful and peaceful. A proper planning is must for everything to go smoothly and accordingly they will provide you a 7 day Umrah Package.

How to choose Umrah Package?

There are many people or agents as they are known who will have a variety of packages to offer to you. You must do your complete research before you choose one. These agents might handover to you a 15 day package, whereas you might only need a weeks time there. So, don’t let them fool you when you visit them. You must go prepared with all the information beforehand. Check the 7 day Umrah Packages they have and choose the one that best suits you. Keep in mind the hotel and other arrangements to be sure you haven’t missed out on anything. You can choose individual or group packages if you are plan something like that.

Let them know you plan to stay in Makkah for 3 Days and Madinah for 2 days. So they will make arrangements accordingly. There are many companies that offer a variety of packages so choose the one that best fits your budget and has all the arrangements too. If you are looking for a Umrah Package from UK then you need to specify the same to your agent.

Closing Note

Completing Umrah in 1 week is possible. There are 7 days Umrah packages available from which you can choose. While choosing a package keep all factor in mind that are necessary, right from travel, accommodation, food and transportation.

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