Crucial Things to Know When Choosing Umrah Travel Agency

Umrah is a very pious journey that every Muslim performs. Muslims all through the world perform Umrah consistently. Everybody needs to locate the correct travel operator and Umrah packages in 2018 to guarantee the best travel, however, numerous individuals get apprehensive amid this undertaking. Appropriate research and in-depth knowledge of the agents are pivotal to [...]

Significance Of Quran in Islam

Muslims believe that Quran is the Book of Allah uncovered to PBUH (Prophet Muhammad) that will proceed positively till fulfillment of the world to guide and direct the entire humanity, independent of country, land mass, nation, era, and region. It is not simply a wellspring of identification and direction for the follower additionally benevolence changing. [...]

Planning for Hajj this year? Get started here.

The importance of the Hajj and the Umrah is well known to Muslims across the world and is regarded as Islam’s fifth pillar. The Hajj is seen as a religious obligation that every able-bodied Muslim should perform at least once in their lifetime if they are able to do so. The Hajj is undertaken to [...]