Top 10 most Visited Cities in 2013

Travel – Aha that’s word give too many thoughts while in conversation with friends or with family members. The people are selective about very minute need before they book their travel destination. Thanks to the technologies, which made life easier, it helped to grow travel business very fast.

10 best cities with country names and international visitor numbers are given in statistics.  London, a well-known city of United Kingdom has secured first place in the list with large numbers of international visitors where Bangkok and Singapore secured second and third ranked.  Dubai and Paris secure 7th  and 8th place with a very good  number of visitors.  Hong Kong  and China secured last place with a little lower number of visitors.

Infographics has been designed to depict all the useful details for of top 10 cities. We hope this infographics would help you to prepare your vacation or travel plan  in  2014.

Top 10 most Visited Cities in 2013

Top 10 most Visited Cities in 2013


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