Travel Tips to Make Your Umrah 2019 a Success

Umrah Packages UK

It’s already March of 2019 and people have already started booking their Umrah packages 2019. When you travel to the Holy Cities of Makkah & Madina is a great journey that is not only far off but is also a journey that reminds us of an afterlife and our duties to the people behind us.

For Hajj, according to Islam, you should be debt free and not owe any money to anyone before the spiritual journey. You are also bound by Islam to write a Will before you leave for Hajj. These are mandatory for Hajj. Rest all almost the same in Hajj & Umrah.

There are some more Umrah tips you need to consider and know before you go on the trip. You can also attend the seminars and workshops conducted by Travel Agents. Ensure your travel documents are with you before you leave for Umrah Trip 2019.

1. Your Passport

2. Your Identity Card

3. Your Airline Ticket

4. Hotel Vouchers

5. Transport Vouchers or tickets

6. Albeit most airlines flying out from Jeddah allows the Hajj & Umrah pilgrims to carry zam zam water on board apart from the baggage weight allowed.

7. Allow some adaptability in your takeoff plan as it may not be feasible for you to leave on booked dates because of some unanticipated conditions. Having flexibility will allow you to travel with ease.

8. Every flight to Jeddah air terminal crosses the miqat before landing in Jeddah, hence, you should be in the state of Ihram when arriving at the Jeddah airport.

9. But by any chance, if you happen to travel directly to Jeddah, you must assume Ihram before the plane or else you must enter Ihram at any of the transit stops en route to Jeddah. Your tour guide will notify you about it. You will get lots of assistance and cooperation from your fellow Hajjis or the tour guide who will accompany your group on the trip.

Some More Points to Consider

1. You must have belief, reverence and love for the prophet Muhammad (s) and his goal for humanity.

2. When on Umrah you must have humility and the high patience level.

3. Maintain some decorum while you are there, don’t create chaos or shout in public, don’t litter the airports or spill water in Toilets. Don’t show off in front of others try to impose to others that you are VIP because in Allah’s house everyone is equal & everyone is a VIP.

4. Be a kind and gentle person during Umrah & maintain the same spirit forever.

5. Once you are there, do not scream, do not be too demanding or harsh with your tour guide or staff performing Umrah with you.

6. It is polite to say Please when you want something and wait for your turn.

7. Don’t have too many expectations despite whatever you may have paid for your Umrah Package UK 2019. The tour operator might have promised a lot for this journey, but with the crowd being huge there is a possibility that things might go up & down. Despite some issues, if you compromise and be calm Allah will compensate you with his blessing.

8. There is a possibility that once you have reached Saudi Arabia there may be delays right from the airport to your hotel, but don’t get frustrated or angry. Just stay calm and don’t get angry on the tour guide as he cannot have control over the local entrants.

9. Perform 2 rakats of Salaat-al-Tawbah. Keep your heart pure and do only good deeds always. Follow Tawheed and the behaviour in it.

10. Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

11. Be regular in performing the five daily prayers while you are on this journey until you return.

12. Understand & practice what you read in the Quran. Everything said in the Quran has a meaning.

13. You find people coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds, do not dwell in any kind of heated arguments. The purpose of Umrah will be defeated. In case you hurt anyone you must ask for forgiveness.


Performing Umrah is not mandatory but it is mandatory to follow the rules laid. You should carry all your necessary things with you like your clothes, medicines, etc. Umrah is a holy trip that all Muslims perform but there are some considerations you need have before you leave and while you are there. In your Umrah Trip UK 2019 ensure you know all the necessary things for it to be a success.

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