Umrah Package: A Journey, Taking you to Jannah

Umrah-Abolishes-sinsUmrah is one of the most honored rituals in Islam, pilgrimage performs it by visiting Makkah (holy place in Saudi Arabia) while Hajj is performed in a special duration of time only. Umrah is not obligatory for all Muslims to perform, but doing Umrah showers blessing. One who takes Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj, for such person Hajj becomes optional. Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned, “An Umrah carried out during Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj with me.”Almighty said it’s not necessary to do Hajj if Umrah in Ramadan is taken. Millions of people perform Umrah every year. There is no specific time to perform Umrah, it can be done throughout the year. But doing it in Ramadan is considered to be the best and it is said that having taken Umrah removes sins.

According to Islam, first one should clear all liabilities and pay off all the dues before the religious trip. A devotee should take certain things with him/her before beginning the holy journey of Umrah like: Ihram, toothbrush, sleepers, an umbrella, towel, shampoo, nail cutter, basic medicines and a travel iron. If a pilgrimage wants to offer Umrah, after entering in Meeqat than there is a possibility to take a bath for both Male and Female; nothing evil if there is not possible to take a bath for both. Man’s way of their clothes of Ihram: two sheets of Ihram, but no specific attire designed for women just they are prohibited from wearing face cover only.

Wearing Ihram both men and women have to proceed for Tawaf- a manner in which all Muslim has to finish seven rounds around Khana Kaba, after that they go for Sai, Sai is moving on the hills of Safa and Marwah. Next step, is to go for shaving his hair for Men, it is necessary to trim their heads hair and women should cut their hair only one inch. Lastly Tahlul-lul, which means comes out of a state of Ihram. Having performed Umrah gets rid of all sins of life.


Muslim should do Umrah at least once in a lifetime, but if performed more than once, it gains more benefit. In Saudi Arabia, there is a well of water- Zamzam it’s the memorable gift for all excursion who came to Saudi Arabia and they bring this tribute to their native for friends and relatives. M.Zahid is best Umrah tour operator Travel agency.

Our M.Zahid Travel Company in UK provides complete online travel solution. We hand over-customization and affordable Umrah Packages 2015 with the best accommodation. M.Zahid also offers Hajj and Ramadan Packages. We aim to satisfy all your needs and requirement to make your journey comfortable and lifetime memorable.

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