Umrah a Feel closer to Allah

Oh, Allah ! I am craving for the Call to pray when I can be near the Kaaba wall for the day.Yes, readers, this has become my daily pray to Allah and finally the day came when I have performed the Salat near the Kaaba wall and feel closer to Allah!!


The illusion to view the Kabah for the first time and reigniting the inner spiritual love with your Creator in his house is a blessing for me. If you have started following House of Allah for Umrah or Hajj, envision and impart that experience to a friend or family member or companion. The journey of 14 nights started in my budget umrah package.

The participation in traveling itself is brimming with expectations and the excitement.The minute you enter the blessing land the main thing left in your heart is awe. You are there in the most sacred places on the earth, the place picked by Allah for his divine house, worlds all distractions will be overlooked by immersing yourself deeply in Allah’s actual destination.

Hot sandy winds blow over your face sense like a breeze and support your heart. It’s the heavenly land.Inner voice leads me to have got this opportunity, that too is from Allah. Almighty has given me a chance to reunite with him and purge my soul.

ibadah in umrah :
The “ibadah”,most desired ritual can be accomplished anytime, in any month throughout the whole year as the Islam Deen do not put any constraint on Umrah amid at whatever time of the year. A huge number of Muslims from around the globe visit Makkah in Saudi Arabia to satisfy their ritual of Umrah throughout the year.

Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawwarah :
A spiritual 14 days journey of a lifetime started with an amazing, awesome, spiritually-cleansing, highly sensational and life-changing experience. I booked Budget Umrah Package for my Alhamdulillah! Praises to Allah for giving me the opportunity to visit His Holy Haram Land.

Makkah and Madinah have now transformed into present day urban cities. They don’t fit into your picture of the urban areas as you read in the books of Islamic history or have found in the Islamic motion pictures.

In the state of Ihram,set a foot in the Sacred Mosque and gazing at the Kaaba, the House of Allah leaves you in a godly feeling of happiness. The salaah you offer there is the most virtuous and full of devotion. Each ayah that you recite is amongst tears and laments. Tawaf around the Kaaba gives you a chance to manifest the new strength that your heart gained, and you enchant Talbiyah,signifying your submission to the Almighty Allah, seeking his benevolence and looking for absolution.

The cave of Hira reminds you of Prophet Muhammad’s SAW mission for reality and the main disclosure of truth that he got from Allah. When the times come to depart from the spiritual city you are still in tears however your heart is not unfilled.It’s loaded with confidence and an assurance to do a reversal to the way of Allah on which he made you.

Basic details of Umrah Packages :
My all Umrah trip was planned by M Zahid Travel Budget Umrah Package which is totally comfortable and stress-free to unite with Allah. The main thing is that the hotels which they offer are very near to our holy places. Get more details about cheap Umrah packages from UK for bookings.

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