What Hajj Pilgrims need to know before they go on their Tour?

Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam also known as arkan-e-Islam. It is one of the important and every Muslim must perform this once in their entire lifetime. There are numerous travel needs for Hajj that every traveler has when traveling to Makkah. You will find many Hajj packages 2018 that will make it easier for you to plan your trip. You need to only find the right agency that will serve you the best. Every year millions of Muslim go to perform Hajj with outright dignity and pureness. These agencies regulate these packages stationed on the beliefs and practices that Muslims need to follow while they are performing Hajj. Even minute points are addressed to closely when the agencies make packages for the Hajj pilgrims.

What Hajj Pilgrims need to know before they go on their Tour

Here are tips that will help you while you choose a Hajj Package.

1. Prior Ticket Booking

2. Visa Attainment

3. Prior Booking for Hotel

4. Finish Tour without Hassle

5. Care Of Hajj Pilgrims

1. Prior Ticket Booking: Prior ticket booking is the best way to plan your trip. Doing advance bookings for Hajj packages UK will liberate you to choose a hotel of your wish. Delay in booking will not give you many choices, you will have to adjust with your hotels and other bookings. It is also advisable to book your tickets in prior to avoid any last moment hassles and paying extra for being the last customer. Early flight bookings are cheap. There are special hajj flights arranges for the pilgrims travelling to Mecca every year.

2. Visa Attainment: While contacting agents that deal in providing best hajj tour packages UK keep in mind that they will work towards your visa procurement also this will be included in the package. They complete visa formalities from your end. They also make sure you are provided with the best stay facilities and good food for you. Sometimes making arrangements for food as per your choice can be very challenging for them, but they make sure you are served healthy and hygienic food throughout your stay.

3. Prior Hotel Bookings: Make your hotel reservations well in advance. The tour agents will ensure to make bookings as per your choice. You will have choice from budgeted hotels, to comfortable hotels or luxurious hotel with all amenities. Some agents also have contacts with those who wish to give their luxury apartments for rent, so you can opt from that too. While some pilgrims opt to stay in the tents based at Mina feeling close to the pious place.

4. Finish Tour without Hassles: While planning to go on Hajj keep in mind that your entire tour must end hassle free. You need to have the peace of mind to feel the purity. Hence make sure that your Hajj tour package operator makes all arrangements in the right order for you. Right form pick up from the airport to the hotel and then taking you to the shrine.

5. Care of Hajj Pilgrims: Agents need to ensure complete safety and good health of the Hajj pilgrims. They must make all arrangements in such manner that if they need help they are given total support. Before anyone goes on Hajj, it is mandatory that you are fit and healthy. Sick & disabled are not allowed to perform Hajj. Hence agents will ensure to do a thorough check of all this before all arrangements are done.

As per the norms of Hajj one has to be debt free- means no loans or any other money problems, should be an adult, should be physically fit, should be mentally fit and capable to understand Hajj and has to be a Muslim.


Hajj is imperative for all Muslims, to perform this once in their entire lifetime. If they are mentally & physically healthy, financially strong, loan free, an adult and Muslim they can perform Hajj. Your tour agent will tell you of the things that you need to take care of when you choose you hajj package.

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