What is the Significance of Umrah Procedure?

Umrah word is derived from Arabic word from I‘timaar which means visit. Umrah in Islamic terminology which means the visit to Ka’bah (visit a holy place of Muslim) for performing Tawaaf which means Circumambulation. It means walking between Safaa and Marwah for seven times. A person who is performing umrah has to put off his Ihram means Comb their hair, shape the beard, trim their mustache, cut nails, and remove unwanted body hairs.

What is the significance of Umrah procedure?

A person who is performing Umrah can also perform Hajj at the same time.

The Pillars of Umrah are having Four Significance.

1. Ihraam : assumed at the Meequat

2. Tawaaf: around the house

3. Sa’y: walking between holy As-Safaa and Al-Marawah ,for constantly for seven times.

4. Tahal-lul: means coming out from state of Ihram and becoming lawful which was prohibited during Ihram.

While performing Umrah pilgrims does not visit to Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah or throw stones on the Jamrahs ( presenting devil pillars) or offer any other animal. Such kind of rites are only perform during Hajj.

Ihram: The meaning of Ihram is making haraam (forbidden). When a haji pronounces the Niyyah (intention) of Hajj and Umrah and utters Talbhiyah, certain halaal (permissible) things become Haraam for anyone. The combine action of Niyyah and Talbhiyah is known as Ihraam. A hajj wears the two sheet is also known as Ihraam. The real Ihraam is Niyyah and Talbhiyah.


1. Preparation of Ihram: A person needs to comb hair, shape the beard, trim mustache, cut nail, and remove unwanted body hairs.

2. Purification: Here are two ways of purification.

1. Purify the body, shower or wudu.

2. Internal purification with intention of sincere repentance of your sins, Pray to Allah like “O Allah, I sincerely repent on my sins and please forgiveness”

3. Ihram Sheet: Men should wear white colour sheet around the waist and cover upper portion with another sheet. Women should wear an ordinary clothes are their Ihram. Both men and women wear flip -flops (Hawai Chappals) in order to not cover the middle bones.

4. Nafl Salah: It is not makruh time, offer two rakahs of Nafl or by covering the head.

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