Why Should Muslims Fast During Ramadan?


In my last blog I discussed on the tips to choose Ramadan Umrah Packages, and today I will tell you about the importance of Fasting during Ramadan.

Ramadan is the most pious month for the Muslims. It falls in the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. It begins on the last full moon of the month and usually last for 29 or 30 days depending on the year. It is a period of fasting, devotion, sacrifice, reflection and generosity for the Muslims across the world. Ramadan is known for its spirituality among the Muslims and holds great importance to them.

Ramadan Timings

Ramadan takes place in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is also marked as the ritual practicing from dawn to dusk fasting for the entire month. This fast is done to memorialize the first revelation of Quran. Ramadan is one of the 5 pillar of Islam.

Ramadan Exception

While all those who are in good health and are adults must follow the entire fast & its rituals during Ramadan, however, if there is someone old, some pregnant or breastfeeding woman or children or may be you are travelling then you can be exempted from this fast. Allah never wants his children to be pain , if you are not healthy you can leave the fast and pray. Your prayers will still be heard. Instead you can do some charity which a strong practice followed by many Muslims during Ramadan.

Ramadan is all about sacrifice

The sacrifices one makes during Ramadan plays a major role in life of Muslims. This fast teaches them various things such as

    • While they fast they experience hunger and thirst and they easily understand how others feel when they are hungry or thirsty or who have very little to eat everyday. They learn to value the food they get to eat.
    • While they are hungry they remember Allah and feel more close to him. They also realize that all they have is because of the blessings from him and he is their creator.
    • They learn that by doing charity they will never lose their, it will rather increase with the blessings.
    • They learn to practice good speech, manners and habits with self-control.
    • They are learn to adjust with the changes in their routine and are able to practice a healthy lifestyle as during this fast they are not allowed to drink or smoke.
    • During Ramadan, the families gather and hence their bonds strengthens and they learn to live together with all.

How Ramadan 2018 will Impact the Muslims?

Ramadan 2018 is a special time for Muslims, more special are the lessons and feelings experienced during the fast and one carried them throughout the year. The fast teaches them self-restraint. The feeling of devotion, sacrifice and restraining is specially felt during the pious month of Ramadan. And every muslim is expected to keep these feeling throughout the year, because this is the actual goal of Ramadan.


Ramadan is the most pious month in the Islamic calendar. A month to ask for forgiveness for your sins and wrongdoings. If you wish you can perform Umrah 2018 also during this time.

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